vpsdime delivers top-tier virtual private servers (VPS) equipped with high-performance SSD storage, powerful CPUs, and customizable resources. Offering scalable solutions and a user-friendly interface, it's a go-to choice for reliable hosting.


What is vpsdime?

VPSDime is a hosting service that offers robust Virtual Private Servers (VPS) with competitive pricing and a wide array of features, ensuring reliable and scalable hosting solutions.

Key features

SSD storage

High-speed SSD storage for improved performance.

Multiple data center locations

Multiple data center locations for optimal latency.

Operating system choice

Choice of operating systems including Linux distributions and Windows servers.

Scalable resources

Scalable resources to accommodate changing needs.

Root access

Full root access and dedicated IP addresses.

Dedicated IP addresses

Dedicated IP addresses.

24/7 customer support

24/7 customer support for immediate assistance.

Custom configurations

Customizable configurations for tailored hosting solutions.

Migration assistance

Seamless migration assistance from other hosting providers.

Guaranteed uptime

Guaranteed uptime ensuring maximum availability.

VPSDime Services

Experience a range of services designed for flexibility and customization, enabling tailored solutions for diverse hosting requirements.

VPSDime Services

VPSDime Plans and Pricing

Explore various plans catering to different needs, from basic to advanced hosting solutions, all offered at affordable rates.

VPSDime Plans and Pricing

VPSDime Infrastructure

Benefit from cutting-edge infrastructure, including high-speed networking and powerful hardware, ensuring optimal performance and stability.

The Amsterdam Datacenter is the The Digital Gateway To Europe.

The Amsterdam data center, boasting a Tier 3 design and a flawless 100% uptime track record, ensures exceptional availability for your enterprise requirements. With a global backbone featuring network redundancy, it delivers the highest bandwidth and minimal latency to diverse destinations, including Nikhef and Iron Mountain. Our unique indirect adiabatic cooling configuration contributes to an exceptionally energy-efficient facility, offering unparalleled service quality and remarkable density per rack unit.

This data center’s network is meticulously designed to eliminate dependency on a single point of failure. For instance, geologically separated fiber paths guarantee uninterrupted business continuity, further enhancing the resilience and reliability of the entire infrastructure.

VPSDime Infrastructure