Transform your spaces with OpenRemote implementation services. Craft tailored automation solutions that put you in command of your smart environment.


What is OpenRemote?

OpenRemote is an open-source IoT (Internet of Things) platform that specializes in smart automation and control solutions. It allows users to manage and control a wide range of IoT devices and systems seamlessly. OpenRemote provides the tools and capabilities needed to create intelligent and responsive environments in various domains, including smart homes, buildings, and industrial applications.

Key features

IoT Device Integration

Connect and manage a wide variety of IoT devices and systems using various communication protocols.

Customizable Automation Logic

Create and customize automation and control rules to suit specific use cases and requirements.

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor the status and data from IoT devices in real time through customizable dashboards.

Remote Access

Access and control IoT devices remotely via mobile applications and web interfaces.

Security and Access Control

Implement robust security measures, including authentication, authorization, and data encryption.

Alerts and Notifications

Set up alerts and notifications based on predefined conditions to facilitate timely responses.


Scale the platform to accommodate growing IoT ecosystems and automation needs.


Easily integrate OpenRemote with existing systems and environments, making it suitable for retrofitting projects.

OpenRemote Implementation

OpenRemote implementation involves deploying and configuring the OpenRemote IoT and home automation platform for your smart home or building automation project. This process includes tasks such as setting up controllers, defining automation rules, and integrating with IoT devices. The goal is to establish a versatile and user-friendly system to control and monitor your connected devices efficiently.

OpenRemote Implementation

OpenRemote Custom Module Development

OpenRemote custom module development enhances the functionality of the OpenRemote platform by creating specialized modules and extensions. These modules are tailored to meet specific automation and IoT requirements, allowing developers to extend OpenRemote’s capabilities and address unique use cases effectively.

OpenRemote Custom Module Development

OpenRemote Maintenance

OpenRemote maintenance includes ongoing tasks such as device management, updating automation rules, and ensuring system security. It ensures that your smart home or building automation system built with OpenRemote continues to operate smoothly, securely, and efficiently, supporting your automation goals effectively.

OpenRemote Maintenance