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What is ThingsBoard?

ThingsBoard is an open-source Internet of Things (IoT) platform designed to enable the efficient management and visualization of IoT data and devices. It serves as a robust framework for connecting, collecting, processing, and visualizing data from a wide range of IoT sensors, devices, and applications.

Key features

Device Management

Efficiently manage and control IoT devices, including device provisioning and remote device control.

Real-Time Data Visualization

Create customizable IoT dashboards for real-time data visualization, analytics, and monitoring.

Rule Engine

Set up rules and triggers to automate actions based on IoT data, enabling rapid response to events.

Data Analytics

Perform data analytics and historical data analysis to derive valuable insights from IoT data.

Device Integration

Easily integrate with various IoT devices and sensors using a wide range of communication protocols.

Security and Access Control

Implement robust security measures, including role-based access control and data encryption, to protect IoT data.


Scale the platform to accommodate growing IoT deployments and increasing data volumes.

Cloud and On-Premises Deployment

Choose between cloud-hosted or on-premises deployment options based on organizational needs.


Extend ThingsBoard's functionality through plugins and extensions to meet specific project requirements.

ThingsBoard Implementation

ThingsBoard implementation involves deploying and configuring the ThingsBoard IoT platform for your IoT project. This process includes tasks such as setting up the server, connecting IoT devices, and configuring data visualization. The goal is to establish a robust IoT infrastructure using ThingsBoard to monitor and manage your connected devices efficiently.

ThingsBoard Implementation

ThingsBoard Custom Module Development

ThingsBoard custom module development enhances the functionality of the ThingsBoard platform by creating specialized extensions and plugins. These modules are tailored to meet specific IoT requirements, allowing developers to extend ThingsBoard’s capabilities and address unique IoT use cases effectively.

ThingsBoard Custom Module Development

ThingsBoard Maintenance

ThingsBoard maintenance includes ongoing tasks such as device management, data analysis, and platform updates. It ensures that your IoT ecosystem built with ThingsBoard continues to operate smoothly, securely, and efficiently, supporting your organization’s IoT initiatives effectively.

ThingsBoard Maintenance