Odoo POS

Elevate your retail operations with our Odoo POS implementation services. We'll guide you in harnessing the full potential of this user-friendly system, ensuring seamless inventory management, sales, and customer engagement.

Odoo POS

What is Odoo POS?

Odoo POS, also known as Odoo Point of Sale, is a comprehensive and user-friendly point-of-sale software solution designed for businesses of all sizes and industries. Developed by Odoo, a leading provider of business management software, Odoo POS allows retailers and hospitality businesses to streamline their operations and enhance the customer experience.

Key features

Inventory Management

Efficiently manage product inventory, track stock levels, and perform inventory adjustments.

Sales and Order Management

Process sales transactions, manage orders, and generate invoices seamlessly.


Tailor Odoo POS to your business needs, including branding, menu setup, and workflow customization.

Barcode Scanning

Streamline inventory and sales processes with barcode scanning capabilities.

Payment Methods

Accept various payment methods, including cash, credit cards, and digital wallets.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Create and manage customer loyalty programs to reward repeat customers.


Seamlessly integrate with other Odoo modules and third-party applications for expanded functionality.

Offline Mode

Odoo POS works in both online and offline modes, ensuring sales can continue without an internet connection.

Reporting and Analytics

Generate detailed reports and access real-time analytics to make data-driven decisions.

Multi-Location Support

Manage inventory and sales across multiple locations or stores effectively.

Odoo POS Implementation

Odoo POS implementation involves setting up and configuring the Odoo Point of Sale system for your retail business. This process includes tasks such as installing the software, configuring point of sale terminals, setting up product catalogs, and customizing it to align with your specific retail needs. The goal is to ensure that Odoo POS is ready to efficiently manage sales, inventory, and customer interactions in your retail environment.

Odoo POS Implementation

Odoo POS Custom Module Development

Odoo POS custom module development enhances the functionality of the Odoo POS system by creating specialized extensions and plugins. These modules are tailored to meet specific retail management and point of sale requirements, allowing businesses to extend Odoo POS’s capabilities and address unique retail needs effectively.

Odoo POS Custom Module Development

Odoo POS Maintenance

Odoo POS maintenance includes ongoing tasks such as software updates, product catalog management, order processing, and performance optimizations. It ensures that Odoo POS continues to operate smoothly, securely, and efficiently, supporting your retail business’s point of sale and inventory management operations effectively.

Odoo POS Maintenance