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What is Chatwoot?

Chatwoot is an open-source customer support and live chat software designed to help businesses engage with their customers, provide real-time assistance, and manage customer inquiries efficiently. It offers a unified platform that integrates various communication channels, such as website chat, email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more, allowing businesses to communicate with their customers through their preferred channels.

Key features

Multi-Channel Support

Chatwoot enables businesses to provide customer support across various communication channels, including website chat, email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more.

Real-Time Chat

It offers real-time chat capabilities, allowing agents to engage with customers instantly and address their inquiries in real-time.

Ticketing System

Chatwoot includes a ticketing system that helps organize and manage customer inquiries, ensuring that no request goes unresolved.

Knowledge Base

Businesses can create and maintain a knowledge base with articles and FAQs, empowering customers to find answers to common questions independently.

Automated Responses

Chatwoot supports automated responses and chatbots, allowing businesses to provide quick answers and assistance even when agents are unavailable.

Canned Responses

Agents can use predefined canned responses to streamline communication and ensure consistent messaging.

Team Collaboration

Chatwoot enables collaboration among support teams with features like internal notes, agent mentions, and assignment tracking.

Customizable Widgets

Businesses can customize the chat widget to match their brand's look and feel, enhancing the customer experience.

Multilingual Support

Chatwoot offers multilingual capabilities, allowing businesses to communicate with customers in their preferred language.

Analytics and Reporting

It provides analytics and reporting tools to track chat and ticket metrics, helping businesses make data-driven decisions.


Chatwoot offers integrations with popular CRM systems, helpdesk software, and third-party tools, facilitating data synchronization and workflow automation.


Chatwoot is open-source software, giving businesses the flexibility to modify and extend its functionality to meet their specific requirements.

Data Security

It prioritizes data security and compliance, ensuring that customer data is protected and handled in accordance with privacy regulations.

Scaling Options

Chatwoot can scale with your business, accommodating growth in the volume of customer inquiries and interactions.

Community and Support

Chatwoot has an active community of users and contributors, providing support, documentation, and resources to help businesses make the most of the software.

Chatwoot implementation

Chatwoot implementation involves setting up and configuring the Chatwoot customer support and live chat software to meet your business needs. This process includes:

  • Installation: Deploying the Chatwoot software on your servers or cloud infrastructure.
  • Channel Configuration: Setting up communication channels, such as website chat, email, and messaging apps, to ensure seamless customer interaction.
  • Customization: Tailoring the chat widget’s appearance and behavior to align with your brand’s identity and customer experience goals.
  • Automation: Implementing automated responses and chatbots to handle routine queries and provide support outside of business hours.
  • Integration: Integrating Chatwoot with your existing systems, CRM software, or helpdesk tools to streamline workflows and data synchronization.
  • Training: Providing training to your support agents on how to use Chatwoot effectively for customer engagement.
  • Monitoring and Optimization: Regularly monitoring chat interactions, analyzing data, and optimizing the setup for improved customer support and satisfaction.

Chatwoot implementation

Chatwoot custom module service

Chatwoot custom module development enhances the software’s functionality by creating specialized extensions tailored to unique business needs. These modules can integrate with external systems, automate tasks, and provide advanced features, making Chatwoot a more powerful tool for personalized customer support.

Chatwoot custom module service

Chatwoot maintenance

Chatwoot maintenance involves regular updates, security monitoring, and performance optimization to ensure the software runs smoothly, securely, and efficiently, providing a seamless customer support experience.

Chatwoot maintenance