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What is Node-RED?

Node-RED is an open-source visual programming tool designed for the Internet of Things (IoT) and general-purpose automation. It provides a web-based, flowchart-like interface that allows users to easily connect and configure devices, APIs, and online services to create automated workflows and applications. Node-RED is widely used for developing IoT solutions, data processing pipelines, and automation tasks across various industries.

Key features

Visual Programming

Node-RED's visual interface allows users to create automation flows by connecting nodes that represent devices, functions, and data sources.

Extensive Node Library

Node-RED includes a rich library of pre-built nodes for common tasks and integrations, with the ability to create custom nodes.

Real-Time Monitoring

Users can monitor the status and data flow of their automation workflows in real time, aiding in debugging and optimization.

Integration Flexibility

Node-RED can integrate with a wide variety of IoT devices, services, and APIs, thanks to its extensive library and extensibility.

Security Features

Node-RED offers user authentication, access control, and secure communication options to protect sensitive data and systems.

Dashboard Creation

Users can create customizable dashboards for real-time data visualization and control.

Event-Driven Automation

Node-RED allows for event-driven automation, making it suitable for responsive and adaptive systems.


Node-RED can scale to accommodate growing automation needs and handle large-scale IoT deployments.

Node-RED Implementation

Node-RED implementation involves setting up and configuring the Node-RED visual programming tool for your IoT and automation projects. This process includes tasks such as installing Node-RED, creating flows, and integrating with IoT devices and services. The goal is to leverage Node-RED’s intuitive interface to design and deploy efficient automation and IoT solutions.

Node-RED Implementation

Node-RED Custom Module Development

Node-RED custom module development enhances the functionality of the Node-RED platform by creating specialized nodes and flows. These modules are tailored to meet specific automation and IoT requirements, allowing developers to extend Node-RED’s capabilities and address unique use cases effectively.

Node-RED Custom Module Development

Node-RED Maintenance

Node-RED maintenance includes ongoing tasks such as updating flows, managing devices, and ensuring security. It ensures that your automation and IoT projects built with Node-RED continue to operate smoothly, securely, and efficiently, supporting your organization’s automation and IoT initiatives effectively.

Node-RED Maintenance