Quality and Environment Policy

The Management of WHITEWALL SOLUTIONS is committed to a management system based on the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and continuous improvement with the intention that its products and services satisfy the needs of all our clients, with a reduced cost and at the same time Establish clear differentiation with competing products.

Therefore, it is the company’s policy that the activities of design and marketing of electronics and software, as well as the marketing of products for the generation, transformation and storage of energy, comply with all the contractual requirements of our clients, as well as all codes, standards and applicable regulations.

To this end, the Organization maintains its commitment to deploy its Quality and Environment Policy throughout the entire organization, and is available to all interested parties, for which we establish the following principles and commitments:

The Management of WHITEWALL SOLUTIONS is committed to supporting this policy to achieve the Quality and Environment Objectives and goals.

Signed: José Manuel González López

Granada on March 20, 2023