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What is Rocket.Chat?

Rocket.Chat is an open-source, self-hosted team messaging and collaboration platform designed to facilitate real-time communication within organizations. It provides a secure and customizable environment for teams to chat, share files, collaborate on projects, and integrate with other tools and services. Rocket.Chat is suitable for a wide range of businesses and industries, offering features that empower teams to work efficiently and stay connected, whether they are in the same office or distributed across the globe.

Key features


Rocket.Chat can be deployed on your own servers or cloud infrastructure, giving you control over data privacy and security.

Real-Time Messaging

The platform supports instant messaging and chat, enabling teams to communicate in real-time.


Conversations are organized into channels, making it easy to categorize discussions by project, department, or topic.

File Sharing

Users can share files, documents, images, videos, and other media directly within chat conversations.


Rocket.Chat is highly customizable, with options to create custom themes, emojis, and integrations to match your organization's brand and needs.


It offers a wide range of integrations with third-party tools and services, allowing for streamlined workflows and centralization of communication.

Multi-Platform Support

Users can access Rocket.Chat from various platforms, including web browsers, desktop applications, and mobile apps.

Security and Compliance

Rocket.Chat prioritizes security with features like end-to-end encryption, access controls, and compliance capabilities.

Guest Access

External partners or clients can be invited to specific channels without full access to the entire platform.

User Management

Administrators can manage user roles, permissions, and access levels to ensure security and compliance.

Search and Archiving

Rocket.Chat provides search and archiving capabilities for finding past conversations and files.

Mobile Apps

Dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android devices enable users to stay connected and collaborate on the go.

Community and Support

Rocket.Chat has an active community, documentation, and support resources for users seeking assistance.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Integration with SSO providers enhances security and simplifies user authentication.

Task Automation

Users can automate tasks and processes within Rocket.Chat to streamline workflow and productivity.

Data Backup and Restore

Rocket.Chat supports data backup and restoration for data protection and recovery.

Compliance Features

It offers features to help organizations comply with industry regulations and data protection requirements.

Rocket.Chat implementation

Rocket.Chat implementation involves setting up and configuring the Rocket.Chat messaging and collaboration platform for your organization. This process includes deploying Rocket.Chat on your own servers or cloud infrastructure, customizing it to align with your team’s needs, and onboarding users. Rocket.Chat offers real-time messaging, file sharing, and seamless team collaboration in a secure and adaptable environment, enhancing your organization’s communication and productivity.

Rocket.Chat implementation

Rocket.Chat custom module development

Rocket.Chat custom module development refers to the creation of specialized extensions or plugins within the Rocket.Chat platform to introduce specific features and functionalities tailored to your organization’s unique requirements. These custom modules expand the capabilities of Rocket.Chat, enabling you to customize your team communication and collaboration environment to match your specific needs and workflows.

Rocket.Chat custom module development

Rocket.Chat maintenance

Rocket.Chat maintenance involves routine tasks to ensure the smooth operation and security of your team communication platform. This includes applying updates, monitoring performance, managing user access, and safeguarding data privacy. Regular maintenance helps optimize the platform, ensuring reliable and secure team collaboration for your organization.

Rocket.Chat maintenance